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Kraimer Kreative Audio/Video/Editing - Digital Transfer - Graphic and Web Design


Audio/Video/Editing - Digital Transfer - Graphic and Web Design - Event Photography

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Just one of the many voice over projects we are voicing or producing.

Welcome to Kraimer Kreative

At Kraimer Kreative, we started preserving memories as a way to keep our own family history around for all to see. It is important to us that we make your memories last as long as possible too. Your time is valuable and so are your memories. Since our beginining in 2004 we have grown to include web design, audio/video production and voice over. All of our production work is done in-house with the personal attention your unique situation requires.
Kraimer Kreative guarantee

We guarantee your DVD will work in your computer or DVD player or we will replace the disc. Our double quality check takes place in two different players to ensure trouble-free playback in your system. Everything is shipped back to you via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation to allow us and you to track your memories during shipping. Do you live in or near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul)? Call or email to ask about free local pick up and delivery.

Basic Transfer $24.99
Kraimer Kreative DVD Disc Menu. Your title printed direct to the DVD and DVD insert. Chapter markers--No fast-forward or rewinding, just jump forward and backward in chapters.

What We Offer

Our Basic transfer (tapes or film to DVD) includes options that other companies charge more for in their "silver" or "gold" services. At Kraimer Kreative, we do it for one low price. We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Regular 8mm film and Super 8mm film, 8mm tape, Digital 8mm tape, DV tape, photos, 35mm slides and all memory cards and data discs. For Album/Cassette transfer to CD, professional voice overs, web design or audio/video production see our Pricing page.
Kraimer Kreative Audio/Video Production Animation

Your films, videos and photos are unique... so are we... contact us today and we'll show you how.

Kraimer Kreative - PO Box 126 - Maple Plain, MN 55359

(612) 234-7525 - info@KraimerKreative.com

Audio/Video/Editing - Digital Transfer - Graphic and Web Design - Event Photography